Carolina Christmas Music

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Welcome to, the Triangle’s Official Home for back-to-back holiday songs with almost no commercial interruption. For years it seemed to us like corporate big wigs in L.A. or New York were making decisions about the music we like in North Carolina, and that’s not right.  At Curtis Media Group, we’re locally owned, and we operate some of the most popular radio stations in North Carolina. So, whether you listen on your work computer, your smart phone or your tablet, you’ll hear nothing but the very best Christmas tunes selected with a Carolina flavor, From the staff and management of Curtis Media Group may you and yours have the happiest of holiday seasons and a great New Year! is a service of Curtis Media Group radio stations and made possible with limited commercial interruption thanks to our good friends at Leith Honda. This is a site where you’ll hear nearly non-stop music and no sports broadcasts….just the Christmas tunes Carolina loves 24-7, right through Christmas Night.